23-26 sept. 2014 Nancy (France)

Papiers acceptés

  1. A d-dimensional extension of Christoffel words, S. Labbé and C. Reutenauer
  2. A new approach to the 2-regularity of the l-abelian complexity of 2-automatic sequences, A. Parreau, M. Rigo, E. Rowland and E. Vandomme
  3. A note on regular interval exchange sets over a quadratic field, F. Dolce
  4. Abelian bordered factors and periodicity, E. Charlier, T. Harju, S. Puzynina and L. Q. Zamboni
  5. Abelian properties of words associated with Parry numbers, Ondrej Turek
  6. Avoidability of long k-abelian repetitions, M. Rao and M. Rosenfeld
  7. Avoiding fractional powers over the natural numbers, L. Pudwelland E. Rowlan
  8. Beta-expansions of rational numbers in the quadratic Pisot bases, T. Hejda and W. Steiner
  9. Breadth-first serialisation of trees and rational languages, V. Marsault and J. Sakarovitch
  10. Completeness and synchronization for finite sets of words, A. Carpiand and F. d'Alessandro
  11. Consensual languages: a simple parallel machine model., S. Crespi Reghizzi and P. San Pietro
  12. Cylindricity of Wang tile sets, T. Monteil
  13. Decision algorithms for Fibonacci-automatic words, with applications to pattern avoidance, C. F. Du, H. Mousavi, L. Schaeffer and J. Shallit
  14. Emergence of regularities on decreasing sandpile models, K. Perrot and E. Remila
  15. Left greedy palindromic length, M. Bucci and G. Richomme
  16. Linear involutions, bifix codes and free groups, V. Berthé, V. Delecroix, F. Dolce, D. Perrin, C. Reutenauer, G. Rindone
  17. Matrice d'ordre minimum associée à un nombre de Pisot, A. Bertrand
  18. Nonconstructive methods for nonrepetitive problems, G. Guégan and P. Ochem
  19. Numeration systems for circular words and applications to arithmetics, B. Rittaud
  20. On Cobham's theorem for Gaussian integers, W. Bosma, R. Fokkink and T. Krebs
  21. On alternating timed automata for MITL, T. Brihaye, M. Estiévenart and G. Geeraerts
  22. On periodicity and complexity of generalized pseudostandard words, L. Balkova and F. Josef
  23. On the asymptotic behaviour of the abelian complexity of pure morphic binary words, M. Whiteland
  24. On the coinductive nature of centralizers, C. Grellois
  25. On the concept of convergence of continued fractions, P. Kurka
  26. On the synchronizing probability function and the triple rendezvous time as approaches to Cerny's conjecture, F. Gonze and R. Jungers
  27. Parametrized Automata Simulation and Application to Service Composition, W. Belkhir, Y. Chevaliery and M. Rusinowitch
  28. Piecewise isometry and substitutive language, N. Bédaride and I. Kaboré
  29. Quasiperiods, Subword Complexity and Pisot Numbers, R. Polleyand L. Staiger
  30. Recognizable Series on Hypergraphs, R. Bailly, G. Rabusseau and F. Denis
  31. Return words in tree sets, V. Berthé, C. De Felice, F. Dolce, J. Leroy, D. Perrin, C. Reutenauer, G. Rindone
  32. Some distances and an unsolved problem, G. Lischke
  33. Somme itérées sur le mot de Thue-Morse, V. Delecroix and J.-F. Bertazzon
  34. Stability analysis of discrete time switching systems driven by an automaton., M. Philippe and R. Jungers
  35. Statistics of large binary sequences, J. Emme and A. Prikhod'ko
  36. Subword complexity and decomposition of the set of factors to sets of bounded complexity, J. Cassaigne, A. Frid, S. Puzynina and L. Q. Zamboni
  37. Symbolic Dynamics of Parallel Systems, W. Forys and M. Forys
  38. The freeness problem for products of matrices defined on bounded languages, E. Charlier and J. Honkala
  39. Tilings by 1-by-1 and 2-by-2 squares, N. Rolin A. Ugolnikova
  40. Traversing a n-cube without Balanced Hamiltonian Cycle to Generate Pseudorandom Numbers, J.-F. Couchot, P.-C. Heam, C. Guyeux, Q. Wang, and J. M. Bahi
  41. Weak Local Rules for Quasicrystals, N. Bédaride and T. Fernique
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